Finns Fudge Fundraiser

  Finn's Fudge ... This doesn't require explaination. If you like any sort of confectionary then you just have to try Finn's Fudge !!!

Fundraising Opportunity! Want to learn more...

    Satchmo Café and Bar ... Great place for a meal in London street Lyttelton. Shane and Cassandra will make you welcome and serve you the best pizza café facilities in town.
    Mark Pawsey Engines ... Mark has experience in dirt track first in midgets and coming over to Woodford Glen. He builds not only our engines but Willie Woodhouse, Greg Rooney, Eric Palmer. A very sound reliable build he has given us.
    Smiths Hire ... On the Main North road on your way to the track. Been there for my racing right from the beginning. I never had money for a trailer so they gave me one every race meeting till I could afford to buy one. No 1 in equipment, expertise and advice. Ta guys.
    Hydraulink ... Good support and supply for our cars and always can come to us.
    Precut Construction ... 9 Empire Rd by Ready Mix for a good combination price on precut supplies. Chris and the boys are the men to see.
    Forge Engineering ... 126 Courtney Drive Kaiapoi. All types of engineering from annoying little jobs to articulated truck decks and towbars. If you can build it out of steel Garth and his boy can make it.
 Trenchless Services   Trenchless Services ... Is an underground boring company that specialists in thrustboring. No job too big or small, we also have a safety fence hire with free standing barriers for hire. Getting you to where you want to go underground. Proud to be part of the driving force behind 28c.