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Racing for me started with going to watch at the old Kaiapoi track as a child then progressed to pit crewing for different drivers in 6&8's Steve and Ivan Hill, Paul Wheelers and thats when I met Dave Frew who pit crewed on Doug Smith's chevy monza the "outlaw". So I got to crew too. Then Doug gave me the job of painting the tyres around the infield. Every week I would ride my bike over to the track to do this.
Then I got a license, so then it was track prep. I used to get to drive the water truck when Grant Hobson and Peter Fete (CocaCola man) were laying it but I always wanted a race car. So as soon as I was 16 I built my first AP5 Valiant from there to an AP6. I always remember my old AP5. I won my first race and rolled my first time all in the same race and they got a photo of it.
Then with all the spare parts left over built a PA Vauxhall all in between pit crewing for Bill Oliver.
Then was about the time I built Gary Watson his first race car. From there I built a VG Valiant to have ago at Hemi power, that was a good car.
Then we bought the B Grade Saloon a Victor. Raced that for a season and got my first sash (3rd place Canty champ).
We had a wee break from race cars for a while. Built a couple of cars for people. Pit crewed a bit till we built the mk3 Cortina six cylinder, that Jackie Oliver run very successfully for me winning nearly everything there was to win. This was a very big highlight in my racing career and a very special friend ship was formed.
Had a few more years off. Wife had the twins but the itch came back. Swapped the jet boat for the Mustang we have today with a lot of input from Stephen Crowe REC performance and Mark Pausey and North Canty Engine Reconditioners and heaps of other advice from others.
This car has become a very reliable competitive racing car.
We have over the winter purchased a new 406 Chevy Monaro which we are currently trying ... so may be Supers next year.
Family ...
Wife Tracey (chief money distributor)
Children ... Matthew and Brooke (twins)
Pit Crew ...
Mark Pawsey, Craig Pawsey, Tony Merrin, Glen Sownan